WHY? After putting energy and time into creating your art...
you want to make sure it stays safe and in good condition until it is sold. You may not have the budget to equip you studio with state-of-the art storage systems, but there are still plenty of things you can do to protect your art investment.

Documenting Your Artwork

Paper with check mark iconDocumentation of your artworks is critical for:

  • Insurance claims  Necessary to substantiate your losses.
  • Galleries, museums, collectors
  • To secure your legacy as an artist


Artwork by Ceramicist and Beneficiary Cristina Salusti

Artwork by Ceramicist + Beneficiary Cristina Salusti

Photograph all works soon after completion  Take snapshots with your smartphone or snapshot camera to document the works if it will be a while before they are professionally photographed. Some documentation is better than none. You can also record a video and record dimensions and other critical information until you have time to transcribe it into your inventory records.

Keep an inventory of all works that includes critical information including location. Use this template for your art and art sales inventory.

Keep duplicate records in a Safe Offsite Location A SOL is a place to store copies of your documents and records that is far enough away from your studio (50-100 miles) that it is unlikely to be affected by the same disaster.





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