WHY? According to FEMA, almost 25% of small businesses do not reopen after a disaster.

✔ Having a quick studio reopen plan will increase the likelihood your business will survive a disaster. Be part of the 75%!
✔ Avoid personal or co-worker casualty by knowing the safety steps to take before a disaster occurs.

Do You Have a “Disaster Buddy?”

Priscilla Cohan and Ann Gifford at Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery

disasterbuddy-100With your Disaster Buddy, exchange lists of contacts and people to notify in case of an emergency.

Provide those closest to you with your Disaster Buddy’s phone and email contact information, so everyone can leave an “I’m okay” message, and/or updated contact info.

Other options for alerting and staying in touch with your closest circle of contacts:

  • A telephone calling tree (with assignments in advance).
  • A password-protected page on your website to check in.
  • Form a mutual assistance arrangement with a fellow artist or friend living in another region.
  • Exchange lists of contacts and people to notify in case of an emergency.
  • Consider being one another’s Safe Offsite Location  A SOL is a place to store copies of your documents and records that is far enough away from your studio (50-100 miles) that it is unlikely to be affected by the same disaster.

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