Responding to an Artist's Disaster


Be prepared to be of greatest use to any disaster affected person, and know what might be especially helpful to an artist. Whether you are helping out for an afternoon or in it for the long haul, the Studio Protector can be your resource for making a big difference for someone in need.

Deeper Commitments: Help Someone Organize Their Recovery

Volunteers cleaning up a studio

Stained glass artist Patrick Clark + volunteers help with his studio clean-up.

Completely review the related Studio Protector resources and work with the emergency affected person to plan your organizing efforts

The Make a Plan information in the Clean Up section

The Salvage section for salvaging the artist’s tools, equipment, and artwork

The Networking section for tips on helping the artist work with volunteers

The Relief Agencies and Arts Organizations sections for information on receiving assistance from emergency response organizations

  • Consider helping with organizing and completing assistance application forms

Studio space

Did the artist lose studio space? Is he or she ready to create artwork again if a studio were available?

  • Consider helping locate a workable studio space for the artist, possibly sharing your studio or the studio of a nearby artist


Online crowdfunding after an emergency has proved to be a successful way for many artists to garner recovery funds. Here are some tips that can help the artist you are assisting make the most of crowdfunding

Though the emergency affected person can manage a crowdfunding campaign, it is likely to be more successful if produced and managed by a supporter, preferably with helpers.

Tell the emergency story in a compelling way, using photos and videos if possible

Expand the reach of the campaign though supporters’ active social networks

Update the campaign often, thanking supporters and adding news of the recovery

Learn more in the Help Yourself -> Social Network section.

Other ways to help

Give them a break: Having a break from the emergency recovery, even a short one, can help clear the mind and provide renewed energy to deal with the tasks ahead. Consider helping the artist in this way if appropriate.

Get away from the “disaster life”

Organize meals and other help with friends and family of the artist online.

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