Following an emergency, your family, friends, important business contacts and vendors may be out of reach. Making a communications plan in advanceincreases the chances of knowing where your vital contacts are, what their situation is, and that they will know yours during this critical time.

Collect, Record and Give Out Information

Clipboard with checklist iconExchange contact information with everyone you want to stay in touch with.

Create paper and electronic versions of this contact information:

  • Post at home and in your studio
  • Produce wallet-sized emergency contact cards for you, your family, co-workers and/or employees.

FEMA’s Family Emergency Plan can help you develop a communications plan (home & business).

Make sure everyone in your studio is familiar with the emergency communication system.

Update your lists at least once a year.

Other options for alerting and staying in touch with your closest circle of contacts:

Organize a telephone calling tree (assign in advance).

Create a password-protected page on your website to check in.

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