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CERF+ Legacy Circle Members

The CERF+ Legacy Circle are dedicated supporters who have made their commitment in supporting strong and sustainable careers for craft artists a part of their lasting legacy. By remembering CERF+ in their estate planning, members of the Legacy Circle ensure that CERF+ will be in service for future generations of craft artists in their moment of greatest need.

Nan Alderson
Polly Allen
Anonymous (7)
Alison Antelman
Posey Bacopoulos
Mary Barringer
Eddie and Angela Bernard Wet Dog Glass, LLC
Sandy Blain
Bonnie Blandford – Garage Sale Art Fair
Connie and Jenepher Burnell
Becky Caldwell
Cornelia Carey, Paul, & Addie Hannan
David Charak
Karen Christians
Catherine Conolly
Robert Cory
William Crutchfield*
Julie Gordon Dalgleish
Nancy Darrell
Ben Dyer
Lisa Englander and Bruce W. Pepich
Theodora Fine
Jack Firestone & Marsha Silverman, Firestone Family Foundation
Donald Friedlich
Martha Giberson
Judy and Frank Gordon
James Hafferman
Jon and Patricia Hecker
Lloyd Herman
Cinda Holt
Paul Housberg and Sheila Haggerty
June Jasen
Leslie Knox
Amanda Kohr
Marjorie Levy
Linda Loesch
Betty Longhi
Robert Lynch and Dianne Brace
James Macho and Reed McMillan
Andrea and Bob Maricich
George McCauley
Michael McKay and Catherine Lankford
Jean McLaughlin and Tom Spleth
Claudia Mills
Lois Moran*
Judith Motzkin
Chris and Bill Robb
William Robertson
Deborah Rosenbloom
Lois Russell
Jenifer Simon
Josh Simpson and Cady Coleman
Sharon Elaine Thompson
Mary Wellsandt
Lana Wilson
Pati Young
Gloriah Walsh Zavell


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