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CERF+ Artist Sustainers

CERF+’s Artist Sustainers are a group of donors who understand the importance of having a strong safety net for artists and have committed to making regular, recurring donations to CERF+.

These gifts ensure that CERF+ will be at the ready to help artists prepare for and recover following a career-threatening emergency. Thank you to the following sustaining donors.


James Aarons
Anonymous (2)
Jono Anzalone
Nicholas Bernard
Dustin Byerly
Cornelia Carey, Paul & Addie Hannan
Donald Clark
Ruth Crump
Joanna Gollberg
James Hafferman
Kate Hanna
Martha and Bill Hayes
Lloyd Herman
Marian Hollander
Cinda Holt
Laura Hunter
Glenda Kleinsasser
Victoria Korosei
Betty Longhi
Tamara McQuade
Ann Morton
Paula Pederson
Leslie Perrino
Susan and Peter Pitzele
Jeanie Pratt
Kenny Russell
Gregory W. Shelnutt
Anika Smulovitz
Ryan Taylor
Mrs. Eliza Thomas
Karen Watkins
Gareth Wong Yat Yiu

If you would like to join these donors, please visit our donation page or contact us at [email protected].

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