Following an emergency, your family, friends, important business contacts and vendors may be out of reach. Making a communications plan in advance increases the chances of knowing where your vital contacts are, what their situation is, and that they will know yours during this critical time.

Be in the Know

getinknow_small-100Knowing when a disaster is imminent — and having access to updates as a disaster unfolds — is vital to an emergency communications plan.

Government agencies work with communications providers to make sure this information is accessible.

Put a battery-powered or hand-crank NOAA Weather Radio in your emergency preparedness kit.

Add a “severe weather alert” app to your smartphone. Use it! And share with family and co-workers.

Different disasters require different responses. Knowing what to do and where to go before there’s a disaster is part of a complete communications plan.

Use the Risk Assessment to determine what types of disasters are most likely in your area.

Use the Evacuate or Stay Put? resources to understand where to go if a disaster occurs.

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