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Etsy Fund at CERF+

Answering the Call: CERF+ partnership with Etsy and other leaders broadens the reach of the Artists Safety Net

by Cornelia Carey, Executive Director

This month, Etsy launched the Etsy Disaster Relief Fund for their seller community in partnership with CERF+. By creating this fund, Etsy joins other organizations that have “answered the call” to respond to the unique needs of the creative communities that they serve after disasters. Other recent examples are the Recovery Fund at Creative Sonoma in response to the California wildfires and the Harvey Arts Recovery Fund created in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. Each of these important efforts helps to broaden the safety net for artists and creatives and, as a result, we are heartened to see the Artists Safety Net growing!

CERF+ is grateful and proud to partner with Etsy as their actions benefited not only their community, but ours as well. Etsy first activated its own community in the wake of Hurricane Harvey to donate close to $60,000 for CERF+’s own disaster relief efforts. The company then matched those funds and created the Etsy Disaster Relief Fund, which is now accepting applications from the their seller community.

I am heartened by the actions of leaders across the country to help artists in time of need and to grow the Artists Safety Net in broad and deep ways. Imagine how much of a difference we could all make when disaster strikes to raise money and support existing relief organizations. Imagine the even greater impact we could have in other times when we create a culture of safety and preparedness. I encourage us all to answer the call in every way we can.

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