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Artist Amy Nguyen

Artist Amy Nguyen

A Note of Thanks from Artist Amy Nguyen

“I am so grateful to CERF+ for providing artists with a safety net of support including financial support during times of great distress. The resources that CERF+ provides including education are invaluable. CERF+’s thinking is expansive and inclusive and incredibly important.

I too, support in ways that I can, by paying interns, paying employees fair wages, and educating the public. I am able to mentor emerging artists through our internship program and I certainly donate to CERF+ when I am able.

We all feed each other in many ways. This is what is so important about the arts community. For example, I was very grateful to win the raffle award of 1/2 booth fee at the American Craft Council Baltimore show this year at a time when I could really use some help. To alleviate some show expenses means that I may be able to further my learning with a class at Penland or Haystack. And so, this raffle goes full circle, supporting other institutions as I grow in my work and am then able to continue to support CERF as a successful artist. With gratitude and many thanks.”

Visit Amy’s website and see her work at the April 2017 Smithsonian Craft Show.

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