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Alex Clarke — Woodworker, 2019 Get Ready Grant Recipient, Madison, Wisconsin, Photo courtesy Nicole Hansen


CERF+’s mission is to serve artists who work in craft disciplines by providing a safety net to support strong and sustainable careers. CERF+’s core services are our education programs, resources on readiness, response and recovery, advocacy, network building, and emergency relief assistance.

CERF+ Staff and Board of Directors,
Houston, Texas, October 2019


Tanya Aguiñiga

Jono Anzalone

Malene Barnett

Barry Bergey

Eddie Bernard,
Past Chair*

Robert Booker

Don Friedlich

John Haworth,

Cinda Holt,
Vice Chair

Ande Maricich

Reed McMillan,

Perry Price,

Sylvie Rosenthal*

Paul Sacaridiz

Jaime Suárez

Casey Gill Summar

Patricia Young

 * Completed Board service in 2019


Cameron Baxter Lewis
Director of Emergency
Relief & Recovery Services

Dustin Byerly
Director of Development
& Communications

Cornelia Carey
Executive Director

Carrie Cleveland
Education & Outreach Manager

James Hafferman
Deputy Director

Les Snow*
Program Manager

Kim Sudol
Office Manager

 *Indicates former employee


This year marks CERF+’s 35th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than to thank our community who make our work possible. You are the foundation of all that we do, and as you read this impact report for 2019, we hope you will see how our values of community + service + integrity translate into action.

CERF+’s community is a dynamic galaxy, encompassing the artists whom we serve to the businesses, organizations, foundations, and individuals who join us annually with their support. That galaxy expanded in 2019 through the addition of new partnerships with the Flamboyan Arts Fund, GlobalGiving, Airbnb, and FEMA. And as we implement a major grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we are building a movement — a national network that will work with us on readiness, response, and recovery in their local communities.

In 2019, you helped us raise more than $1,550,000, which enabled us to expand and improve our services to artists. Hiring our first emergency response professional, Cameron Baxter Lewis, a veteran of the Peace Corps and Save the Children, has strengthened CERF+’s ability to mobilize in the wake of disaster and to access resources from the local and state emergency management community on behalf of our beneficiaries.

You have also helped us look to and secure our work for the next decades of service to the field. A generous endowment gift from the Windgate Foundation in 2019 will enable us to move closer to our dream of covering our operational expenses, so that all donations can go directly to our program work. And, CERF+’s Legacy Circle has grown to 50 individuals through 16 new planned gifts, a critical source of future revenue to augment our annual fundraising efforts.

These are difficult times with ongoing severe weather-related and global health challenges. We hope this report demonstrates that the safety net for artists is getting stronger—and the power of our community’s collective commitment to helping sustain creative careers.

Sincerely yours,

Cornelia Carey
Executive Director
Reed McMillan
Chair, Board of Directors

Valerie Walchek — Ceramic Artist,
2019 Get Ready Grant Recipient, Ocoee, Florida



“Thanks to CERF+’s Get Ready Grant, I was able to purchase and install a new filtration system in my workshop. As a result, my workspace is cleaner, more efficient, and my lungs are protected from the many materials I use to create my work.”

          — Erin McCue (pictured above) — Woodworker, 2019 Get Ready Grant Recipient, Portland, Maine
             Photo courtesy Katie Arnold



CERF+ knows firsthand how vulnerable artists are in the face of disasters and offers workshops, informational resources, and Get Ready grants to encourage artists to take proactive measures to protect themselves and safeguard their careers.


185 artists participated in 11 workshops across six states and territories.


42 artists used their $500 Get Ready grants to make upgrades to their studios and safeguard their careers.


Distributed over 2,000 Studio Safety Guides and Crafting Your Legacy workbooks.

“This workshop has given me clear and attainable steps to build my creative endeavors into a viable, safely functioning, well-thought-out business.”

— Ashlyn Biggers, Workshop Participant

“CERF+ Get Ready grant made it possible for me to invest in a new ventilation system. Now I feel safer and healthier when I’m doing what I love”

— Anna Boothe (pictured above) – Glass Artist, 2019 Get Ready Grant Recipient, Ziegierville, Pennsylvania


“CERF+ helped me get on my feet after my studio fire.”

— Eric Knoche Ceramic Artist, 2019 Studio Fire, Asheville, North Carolina



Although 2019 was a much quieter year for our emergency relief assistance program, we still provided $173,609 to 55 artists from 24 states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

CERF+’s Ready + Resilient program provides support services to communities after major disasters, helping artists build back better and safeguard their careers. In 2019, CERF+ conducted trainings in Huntsville, Alabama; Houston, Texas; and across Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Tom Clareson (left) with the Performing Arts Readiness Project (PAR) demonstrates paper salvage techniques in Puerto Rico. Workshop participants (right) practice what they learned together.

“CERF+ was monumental in my recovery. They were prompt, understanding, and it was obvious that they truly cared. That kind of support is crucial when dealing with a traumatic experience.”

— Preetika Rajgariah (above) — Fiber Artist, Theft, Houston, Texas



The In-Kindness Program connects CERF+ with businesses, manufacturers, suppliers, show promoters, publishers, and others who work with us to help artists experiencing emergencies. Our In-Kindness partners  donate critical equipment, materials, and services like booth fee waivers at shows.

“After my studio was flooded, CERF+ connected me with AMACO Brent, who donated a new wheel to replace the one that was damaged. Thanks to CERF+ and AMACO Brent I was able to get back to work.”

— Kevin Leiva (left) — Ceramic Artist, 2019 Flood, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

12 Businesses contributed $11,609 of supplies, equipment, and services to 26 beneficiaries



Member of the National Coalition for Arts’ Preparedness & Emergency Response (NCAPER)
Member of the Clinton Global Initiative Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery in the Caribbean
Policy contributor to the CREATE Act
Co-sponsor of Arts Advocacy Day
Active in the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
Member of the Heritage Emergency National Task Force (HENTF)


Thanks to you, CERF+ raised over $1.5 million in 2019 from 1,333 donors.

These contributions came from individual donors, schools, businesses, galleries, foundations, and other not-for-profits.

In addition to individual donations, we also benefited from a number of fundraising events. Each gift helps CERF+ keep artists strong.

You are the Artists Safety Net!

Gabriel Craig (Smith Shop) — Metalsmith, 2019 Get Ready Grant Recipient, Highland Park, Michigan

“Giving to CERF+ is an easy way to support the artists we admire and ensure that they get the help they need in an emergency.”

— Gail Galusky, whose fundraising events for CERF+ are matched by her employer, Salesforce




Facebook fundraisers


group fundraisers




donations from art show proceeds


studio sales


for CERF+ to help artists prepare for and recover from emergencies

Rachael Scharf – Ceramic Artist, 2019
Get Ready Grant Recipient, Brooklyn, New York



Marilyn Andrews
Andrew Van Assche & Marilyn

Tré Arenz

Paulus Berensohn
Susan Bonthron & Gilbert Ruff

Isabella de Bethencourt
Elissa Campbell

Lila Lee Blinn

Nancy Bolstad
Erika Bolstad

Jared Branfman
Ellen & Steven Branfman

Ann Brody
Reme Gold

Brian Caldwell
Becky Caldwell

Barbara E. Chapman
John Cogswell

Hazel Cohn
Matt Cohn

Margaret Collins
Louise Millikan

Randall Darwall

Louise Millikan
Tom Stoenner

Malcolm Davis
Deborah Rosenbloom

Rhoda Epstein
Linda Greene
William & Dina Weisberger

Angela Fina
Daymarc Foundation
Doris Fina
Carol Kaminsky

Jason Greene
Susan Greene

Martin Gross
Harvey & Janice Berger

Howard Halverson
Kathleen Dustin

Bob Hohler
Karen Hohler

Barbara Hohol
Susan & Ronald Salomon

Stacey Jarit
Patricia Appel
Artrider Productions, Inc
Evy Edelman
Lioubov Ermolova
Elaine Goldman
Julie Hammet-Cone
Don Hart
Sara Jarit
Gail & Sam Kandel
Ivy & Alan Leibowitz
Wendy Lin
Christine Mackellar
& Juris Cimbulis
Ronee Peters
Soli Pierce
Sydney Ratnow
Lori A. Rumpel
Myrna Sameth
Paz Sintes
Ken Swanson
Joan Swearer
Billy Rosenfeld &
Susie Lippmann

Werner John
Raymond Bates

Deena Kaplan
Jerome Kaplan

Estelle Leibowitz
Sara Jarit

Lore Lindenfeld
Naomi Lindenfeld

Melissa Marks
Tobey & Tom Brennan

Mark Maynard
Maryanne O’Brien

Betty Oliver

Stephen Mark Paulsen
Wayne Paulsen

Jan Peters

Binh Pho
Linda & Bart Cirker

Elaine Potter

Charlotte Potok
Rick Levy & Rhea Wilson

Mauro Pozzobonelli

Jason A. Ruth
Lester & Annie Ruth

Amy Sabrina
Kathryn de Boer

Jim Sankowski
Nancy Niefield

Tony Scafidi
Barbara Hanselman

Carolyn Jean Shebalin
Leo V. Shebalin

Jerry Shorer
Judy Stone

Doug Sigler
Jerry Alonzo

Robert Sperry
M. Patricia Warashina

Cathy Wice
Dr. Martin Wice


A Hundred For One:
Metalsmiths Linked
Courtney Jensen

All art and craft collectors!
Thank you!
Edward Kidera

All crafters everywhere
Suzanne & Howie Samelson

All Enamelists

All young & upcoming artists
Lonni Hopkins

Jerry Ackerman
Carol & Al Sils

Kirk Arant
Harvey & Janice Berger

Brin & Dale Baucum
Betty & Mark McMahon

Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Bracken

Jesse Shaw — Woodworker, 2019 Get Ready Grant Recipient, Watertown, Massachusetts


Winthrop & Sandra
Daniels Byers
Shirley Drake Byers

Kris Byrd
Robert Alan Byrd

California Fire Victims
Robyn Peterson

Cornelia Carey
Elsie O’Brien Aubrey
& Stever Aubrey
Marilue Cook
Jane Denker
John Haworth
Judith Motzkin
Kaete Brittin Shaw
Lisa & Frank Wohl

Judith Cedrone
Doris Fina

Nancy Craemer
William J. Craemer

Fran Cohen

Judy Ditmer
Victoria Korosei

Dr. Susan & Mr. Ralph Felder
Michele & Jean Hudelot

Kaleigh Folsom
Nancy Folsom

Judy & Frank Gordon
Tom & Connie Hodson

Addie Rose Hannan on her high
school graduation
Emily Cronin

John Haworth
Roy Eddey & Joel Hershey
Peter Trippi

Karen Hohler
Melinda Mann

Glenn Johnson
Hillary Taylor

Sharon Karmazin
Linda Greene

Steve Korpa
Boris Bally & Lynn Taylor

Leonie Lacouette
Pamela Moore

Lois Mueller

Patricia McCleery
Bonnie Blandford

Josiah McElheny
Dick Desroches

Jean McLaughlin
Linda & John Hillman

Craig Nutt
Bets Ramsey
Brenda Stein

Meg Ostrum
Elizabeth Bassett
Cornelia Carey
Lauren Geiger
Alan S. Geismer Jr
Ellen McCulloch-Lovell
Ms. Suzette Surkamer
Kimberly Winkle

Stephen Mark Paulsen
Elaine Hyde

Eloise Poretz
Louise Millikan

Geoff & Linda Post
W. John Jameson III

Keith Pryor
Luke Pryor

Michael Puryear
Martha Wells

Lois Russell
Jayne Sheridan
& Stevie Spaulding

Paul Sacaridiz
Carole Ann Fer & Ellen Wieske

Carol Sedestrom Ross
Curtis Benzle & Wendy Wilson

Carol Sauvion
Cathleen Collins

Joey & Susan Stephenson
Steve Martin & Anne

Jack Teeters
Kay Teeters

Dennis Trombatore
John & Deborah Winchester

Bekki & Bill Turnbull
Ann & Bruce Tubbs

Michele Tuegel

Carlton Tyson
Mia Tyson

Adriana Vidal
Enrique Martinez-Vidal

Gloria Weissman
Louise Millikan

Larry Williams
Rita Runner
Janene Shanks

Lana Wilson
Louisa Campagna

“The CERF+ grant was instrumental in helping me keep my business from failing.”

— Alexander Abajian — Glass Artist, Accident, Oakland, California



The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

$250,000 – $499,999
Windgate Foundation

$100,000 – $249,999
The Etsy Impact Fund, an advised fund
of the Brooklyn Community Foundation
Fundación Flamboyán

$50,000 – $99,999
Arkansas Community Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999
Anonymous (1)
The Ceres Foundation Fund at the
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
GlobalGiving Foundation
The Haven Foundation Foundation*
The Seth Sprague Educational and
Charitable Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999
Anonymous (3)
Lois & Eddie Anderson
Fleur Bresler
The Carbetz Foundation
Sharon Karmazin
Jerome Kaplan
Ande & Bob Maricich*
Susan Martin & Alan Belzer
Sarah Perkins & Dennis Wescott

$5,000 – $9,999
Anonymous (1)
Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass
Artful Home
Artstream Gallery
Debra Perry & Jeff Baldwin
David Charak
Contemporary Art Pottery Collectors
Liz Galbraith & Ephi Paul
Haymarket People’s Fund
Kahn Mason Foundation
Lois Russell
Skutt Ceramic Products*

Barbara & Donald Tober
WHW Family Foundation
Barbara Waldman & Dennis Winger

$1,000 – $4,999
Anonymous (5)
Alabama Clay Conference
Polly Allen
Sharon & John Amdall
American Art Clay Co., Inc.*
American Craft Council (ACC)*
ACRE Shows*
Jono Anzalone
Artrider Productions, Inc.
Association of Clay & Glass Artists of California
Curtis Benzle & Wendy Wilson
Barry & Jean Bergey*
Eddie & Angela Bernard*
Best of Missouri Hands
Sandra Blain
Cynthia Bringle
Louisa Campagna
Cedar Creek Gallery
Josh Simpson & Cady Coleman
Collectors of Wood Art
Robert Curry
The Dates Fund of the Community
Foundations of the Hudson Valley
Don Drumm Studios & Gallery
Jamie & Lawrence Fine
Freehand Gallery
John & Sondie Frus
Gail Galusky
Google Inc.
Judy & Frank Gordon
Kate Hawes
John Haworth*
Sam & Tess Hoffman
Karen Hohler
Jane S. Young Charitable Trust
Edward Kidera
Kinakeet Clay, Inc.
Leonard & Norma Klorfine,
Klorfine Foundation

$1,000 – $4,999 CON’T
Jericka Lane
Alida & Christopher Latham
Louisiana Crafts Guild
Robert Lynch & Dianne Brace
James Macho & Reed McMillan*
Karen McDonaugh
Michael McKay & Catherine Lankford
Catherine Merrill
Martin Messinger
Marlin & Ginger Miller
Louise Millikan
Joan Mintz & Robinson Markel
Lois Moran
Sara Morgan
emiko oye & Matthew Cantu
Jerry & Gwen Paulson
Lynn Pollard
Lynda Rasco & Bill Rudd
Chris Rifkin
Rio Grande, Inc.*
Jan & Vic Schachter
Ronald Cook & Stella Sexmith
Society of North American Goldsmiths
Elizabeth & Worth Squire, The
Encouragement Advised Fund of
the Community Foundation of Middle
Jay & Gale Stienon
Casey Gill Summar*
Pati Young
ZIG ZAG Gallery

$500 – $999
Anonymous (4)
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Alexander
Mary Lou Atkins – MLA Productions
Art of the Pot
Elsie O’Brien Aubrey & Stever Aubrey
Posey Bacopoulos
Mary Barringer
Robert Booker
Becky Caldwell
Cornelia Carey, Paul, & Addie Hannan
Simona & Jerome Chazen

$500 – $999 CON’T
Matt Cohn
Daymarc Foundation
Jeff Derose
The Edward Freitag & Martha Haley
Family Foundation
Francesca Faucette
Marcia Ferber
Jack Firestone & Marsha Silverman,
Firestone Family Foundation
Olivia & Harlan Fischer
Stephen & Lynda Fox
Lauren Geiger
Anne Goddard
Signe Hanson
Janet & Thomas Harper
Hoover & Strong
Martha Hueter
Sally Jackson
Joyce James
Kansas City Fiber & Weavers Guilds
Laguna Clay Company*
Dale Larson
Susan Lugo
Michele Manatt
Hideaki Miyamura
Starr Moore
The Neel Foundation
Marleen Nienhuis & Walter Newman
Pacific Northwest Woodturning Guild
Thomas Perry & Carolyn Dahl
Janet Petry
Potters Guild of New Jersey
Cathy Richardson – Touchstone Glass
Chris & Bill Robb
Hila & Saul Rosen
Sylvie Rosenthal*
Brooke & Justin Rothshank
Barbara Seril
Alice Corning/Springcreek Foundation
James Turnbull
Andrew Van Assche & Marilyn Andrews
Ellen Wineberg
Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council
Caroline & Richard Wright

$250 – $499
Anonymous (7)
James Aarons
The American Ceramic Society
Marion Angelica
Barbara Benisch & Jacque Allen
Bonnie Blandford – Garage Sale Art Fair
Boca Raton Museum of Art*
Jane Bohan
Boulder Arts & Crafts
Susan Bralove
Brenda & Wade Brickhouse
Donald Clark
Coconut Grove Arts Festival*
Marilue Cook
William J. Craemer
Mr. & Mrs. Eric S. Crawley
Ellen-Deane Cummins
Leilani Duke
Kathleen Dustin
Sandra Eskin
Amy Flynn
Steve Frederick & Cherie Jemsek
Donald Friedlich
Tracy Glover
Bruce & Eleanor Heister
Tobey & Tom Brennan
Hock Tools
Cinda Holt*
Paul Housberg & Sheila Haggerty
Courtney Jensen
Reena Kashyap
Nayer Kazemi

$250 – $499 CON’T 
Karen Koblitz
Shana Kohnstamm
John & John Kramer
Mary LaFleur
Bud Latven
Angeline Martinez
Steve & Julia Maslach
Ellen McCulloch-Lovell
David McKinnis
Oregon Potters Association
Margaret F. Patterson
Laurence Platt & Elizabeth Herington
Vicki Potter
Pritam & Eames
David & Becky Ramsey
Deborah Rosenbloom
Paul Sacaridiz & Jennifer A. Lapham*
Susan & Fred Sanders
Dorothy Saxe
Shenandoah Potters Guild
Toni Sikes
Richard & Colby Smith
Society of Arts and Crafts
Ellen Starr & Geoff Fitzgerald
Ken Swanson
Rab Terry & Jennifer Farris
Ms. Joan Ulrich
M. Patricia Warashina
Pat Warner
Washington Guild of Goldsmiths
Dr. Martin Wice
Lisa & Frank Wohl

*Includes In-Kind Support

Rachel Suzanne Smith — Metalsmith, 2019 Get Ready Grant Recipient, Strongsville, Ohio

Audry Deal-McEver — Ceramic Artist, 2019 Get Ready Grant Recipient, Nashville, Tennessee

$100 – $249

Anonymous (25)
Lynn Adams
Tanya Aguiñiga
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
Ame & Mitch Alamag
Nan Alderson
James Alger
Jerry Alonzo
Stephen & Stephanie Alpert
Renee Altman
Philis Alvic
AmazonSmile Foundation
Maggy Ames
J Amber Archer
Lisa Aronson
Reed & Jeffrey Asher
Asparagus Valley Potters Guild
David & Sandy Baird
Boris Bally & Lynn Taylor
Maureen & Michael Banner
Brenda Barnett
Elizabeth Bassett
Chuck Bauer
J.R. Beall
Astrid H. Bennett
Michael & Elaine Bennett
Barbara, Arnold, & Danielle Berlin
Ricky Bernstein & Elizabeth Cary
Denise Betesh
Diana Black
Dick Blick Art Materials*
Danielle & Norman Bodine
Erika Bolstad
Susan Bonthron & Gilbert Ruff
Susan Bradley
C. Michael Bradley
Susan Raber Bray
Laurel Breitkopf & Greg Mancuso
Jonathan Briggs
Doug & Rosemary Brooks
Karen & J. Burton Brown
Donald Buckley
Merilee Buckley
Gregory Burbank
Robert & Deanna Burger
Amy Bush
Shirley Drake Byers
Robert Alan Byrd
Lesley Campana
Elissa Campbell
Leslie Capizzi
Bob & Mary Carlson
Jonathan, RoseAnn, & Rosanne Cerf
Leslie Chatwin
Elenor Chipman
Linda & Bart Cirker
Daniel Clayman
Cathleen Collins
Connecticut Clay Artists
Robert Cory
David N. Cox
James Craig
Lawrence Crapo
Eileen Cressman-Reeder
Ellen Crosby
Jerolyn Crute Sackman
Pam Cummings
Julie Gordon Dalgleish
Steve Davis
Delavan Center, Inc.
Denim Days Nashville*
Diane Derby
Jimmy Descant
& Penelope Getman-Descant
Dick Desroches
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Dessent
Alyda & Joe Dewhirst
Kathleen Doyle & Tom Reardon
Roy Eddey & Joel Hershey
Evy Edelman
JoAnn & Ken Edwards
Lisa Englander & Bruce W. Pepich
Donna Ernst
Lucy Feller
Doris Fina
Theodora Fine
Rona Fisher
Lori Foley
Michael & Carol Ford
Steven Ford
Neil Fox
Caryn Fried
Claire Fruitman
Polly Gable
Robert Gamblin
John Garrett
Garrity Tools*
Jere Gibber & J.G. Harrington
Wesley Glebe & Christine Bailey
Robert Glebe
William Glen
Marsha Gold
Joanna Gollberg
P. A. (CERF) Greenberg
Sue Greenberg
Linda Greene
Susan Greene
Ed & Shelley Grossman
Heather Guidero
Cheryl Gutmaker
James Hafferman
Bruce D. Haims
George & Madelyn Hamilton
Handweavers Guild of the
New River Valley
Tom Haney
Harmony Weavers Guild
Deborah M. Harris
Cristina Heeren
Lori Heiden Engle
Barbara Heinrich
Laurie & Dan Hennig
Susan Hilferty
P. Kay Hille-Hatten
Tom & Connie Hodson
William & Mary Hollinshead
Elodie Holmes
Lonni Hopkins
Laura Hunter & Allen Olson
Bill & Marianne Hunter
Lissa Hunter
Carol Ireland
Anna Johnson
Deborah Kaplan
Amy & Joseph Kiefer
Sylvia Kihara & Roger Neill
Sarah Kinter
Jeana Eve Klein & Mark Schurman
Glenda Kleinsasser
Candace Kling
Nancy Koehler
Victoria Korosei
Karen Krieger & David Montgomery
Phillippa K. Lack
Nick Lamb
Merle Lambeth
Sarah Lee
Jack & Emily Lees
Ivy & Alan Leibowitz
Rick Levy & Rhea Wilson
Bette Levy
Jon Lickerman & Diane Ives
Sara Lieberman
Micki Lippe
John Littleton & Kate Vogel
Maria Litwinowicz & Bob McLoughlin
Linda & James Loesch
Joan Lunney & William W. Idler
Christine Mackellar & Juris Cimbulis
Alan & Pat Madsen
Melinda Mann
Kevin Manuele
Marge Margulies
Ancizar Marin
Steve Martin & Anne Stringfield
Enrique Martinez-Vidal
Audrey Handler & John Martner
Wendy Maruyama & Bill Schairer
Janet Mastaler
Bill May
Mike McGahan
Jean McLaughlin & Tom Spleth
Betty & Mark McMahon
Alice Merritt
Constance Mettler
Judith Motzkin
De Mon Jardin
Janice Mutch
Ragnar Naess
Judith Nicolaidis
Nancy Niefield
Judith Obermayer
Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild
Meg Ostrum & Tom Leytham
Myrna & Sheldon Palley
Palmer Park Art Show*
So Young Park
Wayne Paulsen
Paula Pederson
Andrew Pekarik
Alan Perlman
Leslie Perrino
Robyn Peterson
Peter Petrochko
Vince & Linda Pitelka
Boo Poulin
Perry Price
Luke Pryor
QuickStart Vermont
HB/TR Collaborative Inc.
Roger & Luanne Rimel
Robert Brent
Mark & Brenda Rosenbaum
Billy Rosenfeld & Susie Lippmann Michael and Karen Rotenberg
Ted Rowland
Lester & Annie Ruth
Michael & Ruth Rutkowsky
Suzanne & Howie Samelson
Melinda Sanders & Mark Shifman
Alice Scherer
Laine Barbanell Schipper & Joel Schipper
Sarah Schultz
Joyce Scott
Seattle Weavers’ Guild
Roger Serfass
Barbara & Dolph Shapiro
SHAPIRO’s Gallery
Leo V. Shebalin
Rosalie Sherman
Sussy-Rose Shields
Sarah Shriver
Marjorie Simon
Sandy Simon
Paz Sintes
Karyl Sisson
Kiff Slemmons
Sam Stang
Kathryn & Charles Stecker
Nora Stevens
Tom Stoenner
Rebekah Strickland
Hillary Taylor
Kay Teeters
Beall Tool Co.
Highlight Gallery
Tile Heritage Foundation
Neely Tomkins
Emily Townes
James Tribe
Michael & Deborah Troner
Susan Troy
Ann Tsubota
Ann & Bruce Tubbs
Ann Van Every
Clare Verstegen
Sarah Vetters
Georgina Walker & Hal Festenan
Warren Wilson College Art Department
Karen Watkins
Virginia & Patrick Webb
William & Dina Weisberger
Londa Weisman
Martha Wells
Paulette Werger
Carl Wick
Don Williams
Bill Wilson
John & Deborah Winchester
Kimberly Winkle
Suzanne & Sandy Wismer
Anita & Ron Wornick
Adrienne Yurick
Deborah Zum

Up to $99
Jackie Abrams
Marcia Adams
Mary Admasian
Denny Ah-Tye
Lee Akins
Ori Alon
Gaurav Anand
Lynne Anderson
Marc Anderson
Anonymous (33)
Cecilie Arcamo
Adrian Arleo
Lois Aronow
Rebecca Arseneau
Art of Fire Glassblowing Studio
Nancy Arthur-McGehee
Artisans’ Hand
Aaron Ashcraft
Charlene Ashton
Claudia Bach
Sue Baehr
Talya Baharal
Milina Banda
Laura Baring-Gould
Wendy Baring-Gould
Carol Breitinger Barnes
Mike Barnes
Raymond Bates
Sheila Beatty
Cindy Beauvais
Carol Beck
Jessica Beels
Fred Bendheim
Carolyn Benson-Johnson
Harvey & Janice Berger
Nicholas Bernard
Sally Binard
Marti Blair
Joel Bloomberg
Larry & Akira Blount
BNOX Gold & Iron
Karen Borsos
Cindy Borup
Sharon Bottle Souva
Biff Bourne
Deena Bowman
Ellen & Steven Branfman
Ann Brauer
Lynn Breaux
Stuart Breidenstein
Kathleen Brennan
Anita Breun
Robin Britt
Dale Broholm
Joy Brown
Tavia Brown
Jessica Brown
Kris Brown
Paul Brown
J Brown
Christian Burchard
Dorothy Burke
Laura Burkett
Connie & Jenepher Burnell
Patrick Burt
Bob Buzas
Dustin Byerly
Erin Lee Byerly
Mercedes Cahoon
Jeannine Calcagno
Alice Cappa
Ruth Carpino
Sydney Cash
Dora Casurella
Marla Cechman
Lisa Christensen
Della Christian
Lisa & Eddie Cintron
Kathleen Clark
John Cogswell
Gregory Corey
Vickie Cornell
Marilyn Cranney
Jennifer Cresson
Winfield Crigler
Eileen Crisp
Emily Cronin
Brian Cronin
John Crutchfield
Sophia Cullinane
Angi Curreri
Marcia Dalva
Leah Danberg
Janet Dash
Mary Jo Davis
Kathryn de Boer
Emmie de Castro
Dennis de Liddo
Samantha Dellinger
Jane Denker
Carla Dillman
Sally Dillon
Leo P. Donahue
Christine Dossett
Philip Drill
Nancy Dubois
Bruce Baker & Nancie Dunn
Tom Dunne & Sarah Ashe
David Ebner
Stephen & Pat Edwards
Marianne Elizabeth
Clark Ellefson – Lewis + Clark
Ann Elliott
Mary Ellison & Dan Rodriguez
James & Renee Engebretson
Jim Engle
Stanley & Rhoda Epstein
Elke Ereshefsky
Robert Erickson
Lioubov Ermolova
Allyson Evans
Patricia Ewer
F5 Networks
Stewart Feldman
Carole Ann Fer & Ellen Wieske
Wendy Feuer
Betty Fimbel
Arline Fisch
Dennis FitzGerald
Floris Flam
Nancy Folsom
Emily Foote
Pilar Foy
Sondra Francis
Heidi Thompson & Lewis Franco
Toby Fried
Lianne Friedman
Leann Frobom
John Fullerton
Dan Funkhouser
Diane Gabriel & Mark Stoler
Olivia Gabriel
Robin Gary
Laura Gaskin
Phil Gautreau
GE Foundation
Alan S. Geismer Jr
Nikki Gemini
Ruth Geneslaw
Megan George
Mary Gerding
Martha Giberson
Vona Giese
Abby Gitlitz
Erin Giunta
Joan Glynn
Reme Gold
Elaine Goldman
Lynn Goodman
Uma Gordin

Ann S. Graham

Laurie Graham

Grand Isle Art Works

Ivonne Graves

Chris Gray

Victoria Grayland

Jim Gregory

Suzanne Grinnan

Chris Guercio

Susan Hackman

Thena Hafner

Jackie Haines

Marilee Hall

Julie Hammet Cone

Barbara Hanselman

Nader Hanson

Nan Happ

Jan Harris

Don Hart

Diane Harty

Anne Havel

Martha Hayes

Jon & Patricia Hecker

Jesse Heines

Ann Heller

Alice Henry

Charlotte Herrera

Carol Camiener

Linda & John Hillman

Su Hilty

Doris Hodgson

Foster Holcombe
Marian Hollander

Anthony Holy

Susan Horowitz

Nathan Horter

Michele & Jean Hudelot

Lisa Hughes

Sherri Hunter

Terri Hurley

Elaine Hyde

Gretchen Ise

Judy Jacobson

Richard Jacobus

John Jameson III
Sara Jarit

Irene Jenkins

Richard & Terryl Jensen
Nancy Jervey

Nicholas & Lisa Joerling

Patricia Jones

Elisabeth Kaestner

Betty Kagan

Carol Kaminsky

Wiwat Kamolpornwijit

Gail & Sam Kandel

Maureen Kane

Joe Kanicki

Karen Karlik

Alisa Katzen

Craig Kaviar

Katie Kazan

Kathryn Kearns

Karen Kellington

David Kellum

Ewa Kielczewska

Stephen Kiernan

Barbara Knutson

Nancy Koenigsberg

Lee Kosow

Linda Kozlowski

Jennifer Kroon

Ruth Kuroda

Theresa Kwong

Donna Labarre

David Landis

Margaux Lange

Allison Lasky

Lynn Latimer


Mark Levin

Robert Levin

Island Designs

Wendy Lin

Naomi Lindenfeld

Tara Locklear

Betty Longhi

Claudia Lord

Joan Lustig

Lauri Macklin

Michael Madrigal

Cassie Major

Leonard & Roberta Malkin

Berit mÃller

Lindsey Marie

Laura Marrocco

Allen Marshall

Helen Marshall

Jane Mason

Tracy Mastro

Berry Matthews

Michael Matza

Lucia Matzger

Casey Maxwell

Deirdre McAdams

Mitzi McCart

Kathy McGann

Lori McRoy

Charlie Mcvan

Hilda Melchior

Carole Menser

Ron & Hester Meyers

Margaret Milewski

Audra Minter

Maria Montgomery

Christie Moody

Pamela Moore

Merrill & Mark Morrison

Jill Moser

Susanne Muckerman

Kristin Muller

Amy Iambright Murphy

Rene Murray

Dominie Nash

Yvonne Navarro

Frances Nelson

Mark Newport

Amy Nguyen

Robert & Thelma Nied

Pamela Nirenberg

Jeff & Sonja Noble

Jill Nordfors Clark

Lynne Oakes

Maryanne OBrien

Jeffrey Oestreich

Margaret Othrow

Pat Oyama

Elaine Ozol

Kelly Pacheco

Mary Pasquale

Sara Paulson

Mary Ann & Jay Paulukonis

Gail Pech

Ronee Peters

Nancy Peterson

Virginia Piazza

Soli Pierce

Neal Drobnis & Margaret Pinkey

Susan & Peter Pitzele

Stephanie Plaut

Ann Ploetz

Vicky Smith & Jon Polonsky

Judi Powers

Jeanie Pratt

Cynthia Prince

Michael Puryear

Nancy Quickert

Brindha Ramakrishnan

Maria Ramirez

Bets Ramsey

Maggi Rand

Sydney Ratnow

Jan Reckers

Barbara Reddeman

A. Reese
Arthur Reitmeyer

Sheron Rice

Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

Lowndes Robinson

John Rosenblum

Bertie Rovang

Francine Rudoff

Jill Ruhlman

Carmen Ruiz

Lindsey Rummel

Lori A. Rumpel

Rita Runner

Lora Rust

Sue Sachs

Susan & Ronald Salomon

Susan Sanders

Arturo Sandoval

Anne Sarcka

Jane & Don Sauer

Eileen Scally

Judith Schaechter

Margaret Schemenaur

Maryn Nashen

Esta Jo Schifter

Jude Schlotzhauer

Leslye Schoenhuth

Pat Schories

James Schriber

Lael Schumann

Jay T. Scott & Nikki McClure

Cathi Seib

Nancy & Steve Selvin

Dana & Guy Semmes

Leslie Sevcik

Erik Sexton

Hilary Shank-Kuhl & Andrzej Kuhl

Janene Shanks

Janet Shapiro

Bonnie Shapiro

Kaete Brittin Shaw

Julie Shaw

Richard Sherer

Jayne Sheridan & Stevie Spaulding

Michael Sherman

Amy Shindo

Carol & Randy Shinn

Robert Silberman

Carol & Al Sils

Martha Singer

Jon Singer

JoAnn Slater

Courtney Small

Gertrude Smith

Wendy Smith

Ronald Smith

Anika Smulovitz

Carol Snow

Diane Sondheimer

Mary Edna Fraser & John Sperry

Lavonne Spivey

Mary Stackhouse

Ann Stannard

Jennifer Stein

Brenda Stein

Judy Stone

Michelle Storck

Catherine Strand

Nicolette Strandskov

Submarine Paperworks

Ms. Suzette Surkamer

Laura Susi

Susan Swannack-Nunn

Joan Swearer


Gretchen Teasdale

Eliza Thomas

Lidija & Slobodan Tkalcevic

Molly Tobias

Del Tongret

Jill Tortorella

Debra Townsend

Yonnie Travis

Peter Trippi

Penny Truitt

Michele & Bob Tuegel

Mia Tyson

Janna Ugone

United Way of the Greater Triangle

Elaine Unzicker

Sarah Uzelac

Nancy Vargas

Kerry Vesper

Michael Vukas

Bren Walden

Lee Ann Walker

Marty Wall

William Walmsley Jr

Gloriah Walsh Zavell

Ward Foundation, Inc.

Ellen Ward

Cynthia Ward

Nancy Wasserman

Richard Watson

Sherry Willhite

Larry Williams

Colleen Williams

Jan Williamson

Susan Winton

Edward Wohl & Ann Wolfe

Ted Wong

Robin Wright

Paddy Wrob

Joyce T Yamada

Sally Yates
Nishka Yudnich
Amanda Zadroga-Cantada
Ute Zahn
Alan & Karen Zaur
Inez Zucherman
Kathy Zurek-Doule


Did we miss you? Please tell us [email protected] and know that your gift is appreciated!



Deena and Jerome Kaplan

“My mother gave to CERF+ because she knew they would help the artists she admired thrive and sustain their careers. We know that she would have appreciated the fact that her contribution would support artists for years to come.”

— Jessica Kaplan

Nan Alderson
Polly Allen
Anonymous (5)
Alison Antelman
Mary Barringer
Eddie & Angela Bernard
Sandy Blain
Bonnie Blandford
Barbara Browning
Connie & Jenepher Burnell
Becky Caldwell
Cornelia Carey
David Charak*
William Crutchfi eld
Julie Gordon Dalgleish
Nancy Darrell
Ben Dyer
Lisa Englander &
Bruce W. Pepich
Teddi Fine
Donald Friedlich
Martha Giberson
Judy & Frank Gordon
James Hafferman
Anne Hauberg
Lloyd Herman

Cinda Holt
Paul Housberg & Sheila Haggerty
June Jasen
Karen Krieger & David
Marge Levy
Betty Longhi
Robert Lynch & Dianne Brace
Andrea & Robert Maricich
James Macho & Reed McMillan
Michael McKay &
Catherine Lankford
Jean W. McLaughlin
Claudia Mills
Debra Perry & Jeff Baldwin
Irene Reed
Wm. R. Robertson
Deborah Rosenbloom
Lois Russell
Jenifer Simon
Josh Simpson & Cady Coleman
Steve Swerling
Sharon Elaine Thompson
Lana Wilson*

*Made living legacy gifts

If you have included CERF+ in your estate plans and do not see your name here, or if you would like to find out how you can ensure CERF+ for future generations with a legacy gift, please contact: [email protected]

“I don’t know if I will ever need CERF+’s helping hand, but if I do, I know that they will be there. I also know that CERF+ would reach out to me even if I’d never made a contribution. It’s just the way CERF+ is. But I do give by way of a scheduled quarterly gift. It feels good, it’s easy, and it’s a great investment in our collective future.”

— James Aarons — Ceramic Artist and Sustaining Donor



James Aarons
Dustin Byerly
Cornelia Carey
Donald Clark
Nancy Folsom
Joanna Gollberg
Judy & Frank Gordon
Martha Hayes
Marian Hollander
Cinda Holt
Victoria Korosei
Betty Longhi
James Macho & Reed McMillan
Leslie Perrino
Susan & Peter Pitzele
Jeanie Pratt
Sylvie Rosenthal
Paul Sacaridiz & Jennifer A. Lapham
Gregory Shelnutt
Anika Smulovitz
Norman & Nora Stevens
Eliza Thomas
Karen Watkins



American Craft Council
American Handcrafted
Laguna Clay Company
Rio Grande
Skutt Ceramic Products
Society of North American

Leigh Suggs — Paper Artist, 2019 Get Ready Grant Recipient, Richmond, Virginia

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