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CERF+ is doing so much to help artists who can’t work due to circumstances out of their control. I don’t even think that I am that special, but it makes me feel special that you think I am worth investing in, that you feel it is important for me to continue to make work.

Christina Bothwell

Glass Artist, 2018 Studio Fire, Stillwater, Pennsylvania

A donation to CERF+ is an investment in an artist’s career.
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CERF+ Announces Formation of COVID-19 Response Fund

CERF+ Announces Formation of COVID-19 Response Fund

Montpelier, VT (March 16, 2020) -- CERF+ is actively monitoring the coronavirus outbreak as it evolves and expands each day. In response, we are taking action on several fronts. Today, CERF+ is launching the COVID-19 Response Fund to support artists working in craft...

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