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Ceramic Artist + Beneficiary George McCauley “Back in Good Hands”

Ceramic artist + beneficiary George McCauley maintains a studio at his home in Helena, Montana where he makes colorful earthenware pots and narrative sculpture.  He recently shared how he came to CERF+ to ask for help.

“I found out about The Craft Emergency Relief Fund, CERF+, through friends who were helped years ago in their time of need. I just knew I had to learn about this wonderful organization and called asking, “How can I help”. Through the years I have donated work to the fundraisers and a percentage off the top from the sales of my film, Ron Meyers and the Usual Suspects. I feel a part of our clay community and believe we can all help each other in some way.

Last year I found myself in need of help however my embarrassment would not let me make the call. The fine folks at CERF+ and I know each other but it took me until March of this year to actually ask. The staff eased my embarrassment and helped me through the process with compassion and love. The financial help came within 2 weeks, my needs were met and my career is back in really “good hands”. My fears, emotions and health are so happy thanks to CERF+”.

“I want to encourage all y’all who find yourselves in need to put aside any feelings of shame and give these caring people a chance to help. I also would ask y’all to donate work for the fundraisers that help keep the river flowing.”

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Ceramic Artist George McCauley and his dog Skippy.
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