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Wildfires are already affecting the western U.S. this year.  It’s time to access your wildfire risk and be Wildfire Ready!

Know Your Wildfire Risk

• Use the U.S. Forest Service’s Wildfire Hazard Potential Map Viewer to see the historic likelihood of wildfire in your area and this map for current wildfire dangers
• Be aware that wildfires can occur anytime of year, but most occur from June to October

Prepare Your Home and Studio

• Enclose all eaves – the parts of a roof that meet or overhang the walls of the building.
• Use fire-resistant siding and safety-glass windows and doors.
• Use non-combustible materials for your roof.
• Create a safety zone of at least 30 feet around your studio and home, by removing and reducing highly flammable vegetation.
• Remove debris from places close to structures.

Plan for Evacuation or Stay Put

Have an Emergency Supply Kit

  • Include at minimum: food and water, flashlight, battery-powered or hand-crank NOAA weather Radio, extra batteries, first aid kit, medications, copies of vital personal and business documents and contacts and extra cash

Protect Your Assets and Plan for Resilience

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